Webinar: How to Link your Diversity, Equality & Employee Engagement Data - On Demand


Watch our Roundtable

The Happiness Index and Williams Kent host a virtual roundtable exploring “How to Link your Diversity, Equality & Employee Engagement Data”. Matt Phelan and Kevin O'Brien are joined by:
  • Dr Jenny Cook, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Data Lead, The Met Office
  • Monica Stancu, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Meera Roy-Chowdhury, Diversity & Inclusion Adviser, Business in the Community
  • Cat Wildman, Co-Founder, The GEC
To discuss:
  • What are the biggest challenges that companies are faced with when it comes to the collection and use of Diversity data?
  • How does the collection of Diversity data impact on Employee Engagement?
  • Should we be disaggregating Diversity Data to look at intersectionality? Why?

How Long Does it Last? 

The session will last 70 minutes. 

Is There a Charge for Attending?

There is no charge for attending this event.