Webinar: Can Employee Monitoring and a Trust Culture Coexist? - On Demand

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As remote and hybrid working become the norm in many workplaces, more organisations are considering the use of employee monitoring technology. But can employee monitoring and a trust culture coexist? Matt Phelan is joined by:

- Jonny Gifford, Senior Researcher, CIPD
- Louise Lawrence, Employment Partner, Winckworth Sherwood
- Willorna Brock, Senior HR Business Partner, The Association of Commonwealth Universities
- Matt Stannard, Head of Robots, The Happiness Index

To discuss:

- The current trends in employee surveillance, including which organisations are using it and how, and what technology is currently available.
- What the legal position is on employers monitoring their employees.
- What the moral position is on the monitoring of employees and whether it can ever be justified.
- If employee monitoring can coexist with developing a high trust culture.
- The best way to measure the outputs of employees.

How Long Does it Last? 

The session lasts 45 minutes. 

Is There a Charge for Attending?

There is no charge for attending this event.